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kasumu hi ya yûyama kage no ame no fue
misty day-- in evening mountain's shadow candyman's flute

Kobayashi Issa (1763- 1828)



This piece is deeply inspired by the short Haiku by Issa, and by Japanese Zen meditation technique through Shakuhachi flute (suizen). The time unit for all musical figures is the inhale or exhale time of the flutist, deep and dilated at his maximum.

The unit corresponds to a whole note in the score (traditional notation). The player’s attitude should be meditative and determined, never hurried even when rapid gesture are requested. He/She tries to feel and recreate the atmosphere suggested by the enigmatic words of the poet through the sound of his/her flute.

The player tries to interact with the new sound of his instrument created by the live electronics, and feel himself an important part of the dreamlike soundscape I composed in the audio clips, like a lone wanderer in the fog.

for alto flute & live electronics

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