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He studied Electronic Music and Composition at Conservatorio G.B. Martini (Bologna, IT) with Prof. Francesco Giomi e Prof. Lelio Camilleri and at Hochschule für Künste Bremen (DE) with Prof. Kilian Schwoon, Jörg Birkenkötter and Joachim Heinz.
2015-16 he was Meisterschüler in Temporal Media (fine arts) with Jean-François Guiton (HFK Bremen).

He improved himself through workshops with international composers and sound artists such as Denis Smalley, Bernard Parmegiani, Salvatore Sciarrino, Albert Mayr, François Bayle, Bernard Fort, David Moss, Fabien Maheu, Pierluigi Billone, Laetitia Sonami, J. O’Callaghan, R, Normandeau.

Since 2018 he teaches Sound Design, Multimedia Installation, Interactive Narrative Forms at the Hochschule Bremerhaven (Digital Media Department), Multimedia Performance and electroacoustic Composition (interactive radio drama) at the Hochschule für Künste Bremen and gives workshops about electroacoustic techniques for live sound in cooperation with Theater SCHLACHTHOF.

His soundtrack for the silent movie "die Leuchte Asiens" (1925, F. Osten) was screened at Berlinale Retrospektive 2018.


2018 he started the project ElekTrAktions, a multimedia electroacoustic performative serie in Bremen, in cooperation with Theater SCHLACHTHOF and the support of Senator für Kultur Bremen.

2017 he was finalist at the FRANZ LISZT - Scholarship (Akusmatische Komposition) in Weimar.

His works and activities spreads among acousmatic and instrumental composition, free improvisation with live electronics, sound direction, sound design for film and multimedia interactive installation, analysis of electroacoustic music. All shown in international festivals (DE, UK, FR, BR, IT, GR, NL, CA, LT, LV).

He regularly cooperates with different institutions in the field of free improvisation and multimedia performance, such as Ensemble New Babylon (Bremen, DE), Tanzkollektiv Bremen (DE), Theater Bremen (DE), D'Haus (Düsseldorf, DE), Theater Osnabrück (DE), Gerhard-Marks Haus (Bremen, DE), Schwankhalle Bremen (DE), Weserburg Museum (Bremen, DE) and Tempo Reale (Florence, IT).

2010-2013 he was copy editor of blog.


Rheinische Post,


review of the theater dance piece "Time to Shine" with my music and videoprojections, 01.05.2023

review of my light installation "CITY PULSES" and live audiovisual mapping "METAMORPHOSIS OF TIME" in Bremerhaven, DE, 20.04.2023

review of the children opera "Odyssee zur Mond" with my video projections, 08.11.2021

another nice review of the piece BLO LEN at the Gaida 21 concert LENscapes in Vilnius (LT), 30.10.2021

first review of the piece BLO LEN premiered at Gaida 21 concert LENscapes in Vilnius (LT)

buten un binnen, 20.4.2021

portrait about my sound design, sound art and performance

Die Lust am Untergang

by Jan-Paul Koopmann

Wieder auf die Spitze

by Rolf Stein


by Rolf Stein

Weser Report, 12.9.2019

Weser Kurier, 8.9.2019

Kreiszeitung, 18.8.2019

Kreiszeitung, 19.6.2019

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Buten un binnen, 1.10.2018

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Weser Kurier, 27.5.2018

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review of the sound intallation

review of the sound intallation

review of the dance performance

review of the dance performance

review of the multimedia performance series

portrait video-interview

about Karl Marx ... die Verhältnisse zum Tanzen zwingen

about SoEuC

about "Die Leuchte Asiens"

about Hoffman - ein Offenbach Projekt

Noch so ein Loop

by Rolf Stein

Raum für Klang

by Isabelle Becker

Kreiszeitung, 10.2.2017

Februarheft von Theater Bremen, 23.12.2016

about Hoffman - ein Offenbach Projekt


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