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Premiered at Salford SONIC FUSION Festival 2013 - Salford, UK - 22.03.2013


"In-Somnia" originates from recordings of a soundwalk I did in a winter late night in the suburbs of Bologna (IT). In the loneliness of this context I was attracted by different sounds whose real source was mostly hidden to my sight. In particular I followed a strange bird-call-like sound which became more and more unreal as much I got close to his source point, which was revealed to me only when I was in front of it: a broken car alarm which produced irregular impulses instead of the common continuous sound.
I consider the piece my interpretation of this personal sound epiphany experience, and more in general (for those who didn't experienced it) a wander throughout mental, real and surreal soundscapes, in a perpetual search for something unknown.

electroacoustic music

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