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BLO LEN 2021_ed copy.jpg

for clarinet, trumpet, trombone, harp, accordion, violin, cello, percussion and multichannel live electronics

The first thing I imagined about this piece was a circular acoustic stage made of instruments and loudspeakers surrounding the audience. Then I started to gather all the cheap instruments I could find online in order to explore their sonorities directly with my own body and my sound imagination. In this way I created my sound characters which then I put into an electroacoustic sound maze, which changes its shape according to their musical decisions. Which paths will they discover in the middle of this twisted architecture?


Premiere 29.10.2021 - Gaida 2021 (Vilnius, LT)


performed by the LENsemble (Vilnius, LT) and the BLO (Bremen Loudspeaker Orchestra). 

Conducted by Vykintas Baltakas.

Sound engineer: Gerd Anders.

Contact me for the getting score.

it's a binaural mix!

please, listen to it with headphones

in order to experience the space.



for ensemble and live electronics

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